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Jon Ball

Content Marketer/Director of Photography

Jon is the guy that makes sure things get done. Whether it’s setting up cameras to do an interview, designing a business card, or creating the layout for a new website…he has it handled.

Jon joined the Savage Media team as a video production expert. In the beginning, he was the Director of Photography. He knew how to capture a moment in a way that could not be taught. Being able to see what needed to be done before it happened is what stood out about Jon. 

There was never something he couldn’t do. It didn’t matter if he needed to learn something completely foreign to him, he would not only figure it out, he would master it. Failing was just not in the cards for him. As Savage Media grew into a full-service marketing agency, he was able to transfer his skills to everything digital marketing. It all came easy to him, and it was noticeable.

As of late, Jon has gone from cameraman to digital marketing guru. He’s recently taken a huge interest in web design. This is no small feat, considering the website of a company is often the first place a consumer will go to learn about a brand and ultimately decide if they want to do business with them. It is a crucial part of that company's story. Jon is not only making sure the website looks and performs great, but creates a great customer experience. 

When a client meets Jon, it doesn’t take them long to realize he knows what he's doing. Whether that means setting up lighting for an interview or creating the framework for your website, he’s the guy you want on your team. 

And while he has a solid grasp of the fundamentals, he’s not afraid to push the boundaries. That’s what our clients love about him. What could end up being a totally passable yet completely forgettable design, in Jon’s hands, becomes a truly unique and valuable marketing asset. While it would be easy for him to do the bare minimum and still produce great work, that’s just not who he is.

When he’s done kicking ass for clients, Jon likes to go home and fiddle with his saltwater reef aquarium. The interesting thing is that he isn’t as concerned about the fish, that would be too easy. He’s more interested in the coral and the chemistry of the tank itself. He finds enjoyment in the challenge of holding the outcome of an entire ecosystem in his hands. You’d think he faces enough challenges at work, but that’s the thing about Jon. He is never going to stop challenging himself or trying new ways of doing things.